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Top digital camera - compact

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

1. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700 (silver)
Part smart-looking snapshot camera, part 4GB portable digital photo album, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700 will satisfy those who like showing off their pictures as much as they like taking them.
Review date: Aug 18, 2008
Overall score: 8.0 (4.0 stars) Excellent

2. Canon PowerShot SD870 IS (Black)
While the Canon PowerShot SD870 IS doesn't have an optical viewfinder or manual exposure controls, it captures beautiful images with its wide, 3.8x optical zoom lens and ranks among the top compact cameras we've seen.
Review date: Aug 29, 2007
Overall score: 8.0 (4.0 stars) Excellent

3. Canon PowerShot SD850 IS
The Canon PowerShot SD 850 IS has just about everything you'd want in a point-and-shoot.
Review date: Jun 5, 2007
Overall score: 8.0 (4.0 stars) Excellent

4. Canon PowerShot SD790 IS
For most people, the excellent photo quality of the Canon PowerShot SD790 IS will more than make up for any slight performance deficiencies or minor shortcomings.
Review date: Jul 8, 2008
Overall score: 7.8 (3.5 stars) Very good

5. Canon PowerShot SD950 IS
Canon's SD950 IS looks great and can take very nice images, but the digital camera's whopping 12 megapixels will leave you waiting between shots.
Review date: Sep 19, 2007
Overall score: 7.8 (3.5 stars) Very good

6. Canon PowerShot SD750 (silver)
The Canon PowerShot SD750 has an attractive design, large LCD, and excellent photo quality for an ultracompact.
Review date: Apr 4, 2007
Overall score: 7.8 (3.5 stars) Very good

7. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200 (black)
Though still a solid camera, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200's touch-sensitive LCD and lower image quality present a step back from its excellent predecessor.
Review date: Nov 12, 2007
Overall score: 7.7 (3.5 stars) Very good

8. Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS (Brown)
Canon's SD1100 IS adds optical image stabilization to last year's hit SD1000, while delivering just as impressive image quality.
Review date: Mar 5, 2008
Overall score: 7.6 (3.5 stars) Very good

9. Fujifilm FinePix F50fd
The Fujifilm FinePix F50fd should please most snapshooters and its above-average exposure controls should appeal to advanced photographers, too.
Review date: Oct 9, 2007
Overall score: 7.5 (3.5 stars) Very good

10. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130 (Black)
The W130's quick performance and decent image quality make it a solid follow-up to the W90, and a good choice for a pocket point-and-shoot camera.
Review date: Feb 21, 2008
Overall score: 7.4 (3.5 stars) Very good

11. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70 (Silver)
The ultracompact Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70 packs impressive performance and image quality into a sexy little camera body, but its touchy touch screen left us a tad teed.
Review date: Feb 13, 2008
3 stars Overall score: 7.4 (3.5 stars) Very good

Cheers, frizzy2008.