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Contraception Methods

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

There are two important reasons for choosing a contraception method. Usually patient choose a contraception which have less side-effect. Side-effects of using contraception are such as becoming fat, thin, got a headache and etc. These side-effects can happen to everyone but with less possibility which is about 2 - 3 %. There are some contraception methods such as sterilization, contraception pills, injection, IUD, contraception barrier method, another method and calendar method. The Rank of Failure Ratio of Contraception Methods sorted from less failure ratio to high failure ratio as below:

1. Sterilization.
This method have the least side-effect. The failure ratio of sterilization is about 2 - 6/100. 000 patient in a year.Sterilization on women is usually called MOW ( medis operatif wanita ) or tubectomy and on men is called MOP (medis operatif pria ) or vasectomy.Sterilization on men is done by making a blockage on the vasdeferens. By doing this, sperm route to the ovum is blocked, so the sperm won't be able to reach the ovum. Women and men can use this method. The blockage process is done outside the testicles so sterilization won't have a dangerous side-effect and safer.

2. Contraception pills.
Contraception Pills contain normal hormone in the women's body and this hormon make the condition of women's body similar to the condition of pregnancy. The failure ratio of contraception pills is about 1%.Pills method is intended for a neat person and someone who have a good memory.Patient must eat the pill regularly in order to make it work. There are many kind of pills such as pills which produced by BKBN, it's very cheap, pills with blue and gold square (lingkaran biru and emas) which is subsidized by the state, or pills with less doses and it's expensive. Don't use pills if the woman had abnormal bleeding. Someone who have a varices is also not permitted to use these pill because contraception pills can disturb the cycle of blood.

3. Injection.
There are many period of injection such as 1 month, 2 month or 3 month.Injection also contains sexual hormone of a woman, so it will disturb the cycle of menstruation but don't worry about that. Usually a woman thinks that menstruation blood is a dirty blood so she thinks that irregular menstruation can have bad effects or psychomatic disease such as headache.

4. IUD
IUD is similar to injection but have longer period of time.The period is about 1 year until 3 years. IUD is done by inserting a cylastic tube into the uterus. A cylastic tube must be taken out if the period is over. The side-effects of IUD is similar to the side-effects of injection.

5. Contraception barrier method (condoms or diaphragms)
The failure ratio of contraception barrier method is about 3 - 30 %.Condoms can be used for variations in sexual performance and can prevent sexual transmitted diseases. There are many kinds of condom. There is a condom which have texture for sexual variations or there is a condom which can be used as the extension of a penis.Diaphragm is a round elastic rubber which is inserted inside the vagina to prevent sperm from getting in the uterus.

6. Another method
Another method is using spermicyde to kill sperm so it can't fertilize the ovum. A spermicyde is chemical substance which can kill sperm. Women can use a vagina tablet, which have function similar to the function of a spermicyde.

7. Calendar method
This method have the biggest failure ratio. The manner of this method is by paying attention to the cycle of menstruation and the end of fertile period. Sometimes this method is used together with condom's method. Condom is used during the fertile period and calendar method is used during the infertile period. Calender method is intended for a woman who have a regular menstruation.

Cheers, frizzy2008.