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Enterprise Network Security

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:


The effectiveness of enterprise network security in an organization becomes very clear after web-based attacks. Firewalls and antivirus software alone cannot protect a network against complex malicious code that threatens the IT infrastructure. Firewalls can detect web traffic, but most do not include a method to monitor the specific information in transfer. Most antivirus solutions are only effective against specific threats after they have occurred. These reactive solutions are insufficient because they do not protect against unknown future attacks.

Unfortunately, organizations cannot predict when or where the next threat will strike. The solution to this shortfall is to plan ahead to protect against new and emerging threats. Organizations need to enhance their existing security defenses with a solution that offers true content management. Security software complements firewalls and antivirus solutions by providing the most comprehensive enterprise network security solution. The three points of policy enforcement -- at the internet gateway, on the network, and on the desktop — create the multilayered, content-level protection required for the employee computing environment.

Web Security Gateway
Secure Web traffic while enabling the Web-based tools and applications.
Web 2.0 threat protection
Visibility and control with Web-based GUI
Real-time threat detection and site categorization
Enterprises with 500+ employees.

Web Security
Web security, reputation, and filtering protects against known and new Web threats.
Real-time protection against spyware, malicious mobile code, and other threats
Instantly actionable data with an intuitive dashboard
Web-based GUI reduces management costs
Enterprises up to 250,000+ users, with networks of virtually any configuration.

Web Filter
Improves productivity, reduces legal liability, and optimizes IT resources while allowing flexible Internet use policies.
Control Internet access
Prevent inappropriate content from entering the network
Limit bandwidth-intensive sites and applications
Enterprises from 50 to 250,000+ users, with networks of virtually any configuration.

Cheers, frizzy.

Lamps and lamp Shades at Farreys

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Home decoration lamps is without regard to the ancient. Beautiful house and beautiful decorations that require scattered light form the awe. Wow, that's a good home with beautiful lighting decoration, very cool.

Decorating is not the case that need not be considered but this is a trend that continues the long sought by those who have taste. Various kinds of decorative lights can be offered to strengthen the personal illustration of those who have a beautiful home. Often we have to roam from one shop to another shop only to find the right choice with our taste. It's the nuances classical, traditional, art, contemporary and modern at the same time can take a long debate with the election by the husband and wife. I have like that happen.

Farreys options provide different types of lamps from many top factories, of course, offer the high quality design that make you feel comfortable to select. Lamps and lamp Shades are offered, such as table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, torchieres and other elected and can be easily adjusted to the design of your home. You can set the selection based on brand, style, application and also price range of available lamps. Supported by a sophisticated search tool, to help you quickly find the dream you desire.

Well, if you have any requirement about lamps, just find them at

Cheers, frizzy.

Aneka Promo di Mega Bazaar 2009

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Telkom Speedy
Free Aktifasi
Free Abonemen Bulan Pertama
Diskon Abonemen s/d 56% untuk bulan ke 2 s/d Mei 2009.

Telkom Flexi
Hp keren hanya Rp199.000 dapat nomor gratis.
Nelpon Puas, Pulsa Aman.

Flexi Conference, inovasi baru dari Flexi yang memberi anda kemudahan dan kenyamanan untuk nelpon ke 200 nomor dan SMS hingga ke 1000 nomor yang berbeda operator secara bersamaan melalui internet di PC.

HP, Hewlett Packard
Promo!!! Mega Cash Back
Rp500.000 - Rp1.000.000 untuk Notebook
Rp200.000 - Rp300.000 untuk Software

Rupiah Sensation!!
Rp300.000 untuk Notebook Aspire
$40 untuk Netbook
Rp999.000 untuk Notebook TravelMate

Rp880.000 untuk Microsoft Ofice Home & Student 2007
Harga khusus pameran untuk semua keyboard dan mouse

Free Telkomsel Flash Connection, quota 777MB for 5 months!!!

Smart Jump
Gratis Modem 3.5G CDMA
Rp189ribu/bulan untuk unlimited quota

Sumber: brosur-brosur dan penjelasan sales promotion
Cheers, frizzy.

Mega Bazaar 2009

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Mega Bazaar 2009, Pameran optimisme di tengah krisis yang meningkat.

Cheers, frizzy.

Pemilu 2009 salah satu cara mendobrak persoalan

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Terus terang aku kagum dengan seluruh bangsa Indonesia, meskipun kita bukanlah orang-orang kaya/mapan dengan berlimpah uang milyaran. Namun kita tetap bersemangat bersatu untuk terus bersama menuju hari esok yang kita semua gak ngerti mau dibawa kemana oleh pemimpin-pemimpin kita.
Meski banyak kita dengar isak dan jerit tangis saudara kita akibat bencana yang melanda, baik segi ekonomi, politik, hukum dan bencana alam, namun di sisi lain kita tetap bersemangat untuk mencoba memperbaiki hal-hal tersebut.
Mungkin kita memang ditakdirkan harus seperti ini yaa. Dari Sabang sampai Merauke punya keanekaragaman yang tidak dapat terbantahkan. Kesamaan kita, menurut alasan para founding father adalah sama-sama dijajah Belanda dan Jepang, yang mungkin hal ini bagi sebagian orang adalah alasan aneh tapi ajaibnya kita tetap bersatu hingga hari ini.
Saat ini semua rakyat Indonesia berharap ada sebuah figur pemimpin yang bukan pemimpi. Gak perduli dari suku mana, silahkan, semua diberi kesempatan yang sama. Semua mempunyai tekad yang sama juga memajukan Indonesia meski dari perspektif masing-masing.
Dalam kesempatan ini aku tidak akan memaki, tidak akan melontarkan kritik pesimisme, tidak akan mengeluh, tidak mau menyalahkan, tidak mau juga hanya diam. Kenapa? karena aku adalah Manusia Indonesia. Manusia yang mempunyai sifat unik di dunia ini. Manusia yang menghargai tetangganya jika berbeda pendapat. Manusia yang sempat dibentuk oleh balutan pendidikan Pancasila yang berulang-ulang dan berlapis-lapis. Terkadang malas berikutnya berapi-api.
Aku ingin turut berpartisipasi menentukan arah tujuan bangsa kita dengan bersedia menyukseskan Pemilu 2009. Sikap politikku adalah floating mass berdasarkan Pancasila. Aku gak perduli kamu wakil dari partai mana selama sesuai dengan tujuan baikku pasti aku dukung seobyektif mungkin. Aku buat sesederhana itu, karena aku tidak mengerti hal-hal yang komplikatif. Aku hanya ingin berbuat yang aku bisa, aku tidak bisa berlagak peduli terhadap yang aku tidak mengerti. Aku ingin ada progress meskipun sedikit dan sangat pelan. Aku cinta Indonesiaku, gak perduli kalian memakiku sebagai bangsa yang rendah atau menghinaku dengan kata-kata kotor dan melemahkan.
Kalian bisa melihat sendiri banyak achievement yang didapat meski kekurangan sering kami lupakan untuk menambalnya. Hanya ini yang bisa aku lakukan, dan inilah yang pasti aku lakukan.
I love you, Indonesia dan seluruh tumpah darahnya...

Cheers, frizzy.

Beautiful house with stainless steel

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Own a house that looks tidy is everyone's desire. Not excluded men, women, teenagers who have already established and the direction to get there. Studiousness election materials into high-quality obligations which can not be avoided. All household's living room, family room, bedroom and kitchen decorated with accessories need a good, high quality but simple and practical that can describe the effect of elegant modern houses.

Indoor and outdoor accessories with a stainless steel material can strengthen the character as a home owner is smart, elegant and intellectual level. Clean the house so impressive but has a powerful enchantment to say, see myself, I can become a reliable and perfect choice of accessories you won't be disappointed.

Blomus stainless steel mailboxes as outdoor accessories to help us save the letters received from the mail delivery, protect it with a strong impression. Stainless steel mailboxes based material that is very strong, form a functional and elegant minimalist design but with a mature and classy. All friends and relatives you certainly impressed, and of course the postman very grateful to you because it's easier to send their work, to protect the mail to you with hands still intact.

Blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories able to enhance your living room, family room, dining, bedroom and dining as indoor equipment that supports the activities you maintain comfort in the home. All options stainless steel fireplace accessories designed with the full taste and is kept to maintain the tradition as the right choice for everyone.

Every stainless steel you need for household is The Stainless Steel Store.

Cheers, frizzy.

Travel to Alaska, Denali Park

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Travel Alaska

Fill your leisure or adventure with the roads to Alaska. A very beautiful country that is located close to the polar north, protected by wide oceans, mountains decorated beautiful rivers, crystal clear. With snow cover lasting peace to the impression that arouse in the breasts in the most praise for the greatness of God.

What's in Denali Park? You will get the natural beauty of the amazing Mount McKinley, Alaska wild animal life is unique and amazing as Grizzly bears, Caribou, wolves, Dall sheep and moose can be enjoyed without interference with the perfect noisy city.
All this will not make you hesitate to take the decision to come there, because Alaska natures that has many mountains and national parks invite you directly.

Weather in Alaska can change quickly, often without warning. Prepare for the sun, strong winds, rain and cloud all occur on the same day. However, all these features add adventure becomes more interesting, of course you have to prepare all the necessary equipment for the natural mountain environment and winter.

Did you know that Denali National Park and preserve is home to both black bears and Grizzly bears? Black bears inhabit the forested areas of the park, while Grizzly bears mainly live on the open tundra and all bears seen by visitors along the Park Road. Alaska Travel is Very cool indeed!

Cheers, frizzy.

Why to Invest in Indonesia?

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

taken from The Embassy of Indonesia in Ottawa

This chapter provides you with everything about investment in Indonesia. Some supporting data provided at origin website.

Reason #1
With a total population of 210 million persons, which was just reached in the early 1997, and a fast-growing middle class (totaling around 35 millions), Indonesia is indeed a huge, potential market. As the people welfare improved, demands for goods and services do not merely rely on quantity, but quality, variability, and on-time availability.

Reason #2
The abundance of Indonesia's natural resources is evident in all sectors, particularly land resources, mines & minerals, agriculture/plantation, marine & fishery, forestry, and natural scenery. Utilization of the natural resources along with maintenance of their long-terms benefits has fueled the national development in all sectors during the last few decades. Processing industries for estate crops, horticultural crops, industrial plantation forest, mineral deposits, brackish water culture are among other of promising business in the country.

Reason #3
The Government of Indonesia pays special attention to the development of human resources, including the productivity of workers. During the period of PELITA VI (1994/1995 - 1998/1999), value added per worker is expected to grow - on the average - by 3.3% annually. The increase of workers' value added for three major sectors are 2.4%/year for agriculture, 3.7%/year for industry, and 1.9%/year for services.
The World Competitiveness Report (1995) revealed that percentage of 20-24 year olds enrolled in higher education of Indonesia is about 10%, which is higher than those of Malaysia (7.0%), India (6.0%), and China (2.0%). You may have a look at the Indonesia's laborforce profiles.
Although the UMR (Upah Minimum Regional - Regional Minimum Standard Wage Rates) have been increasing from year to year as the people's standard of living is better-off through time, it is however still quite competitive compared to those of other Asian countries.

Reason #4
Indonesia is undergoing a transformation from agricultural-base economy to an industrial-base economy. Manufacturing industry has become the backbone of Indonesia's export drive. Changes in composition of GDP by sectors during the 1980s and 1990s showed that such situation is true. Ever-increasing volume and value of industrial products have made the national economy not depended merely on oil & gas exports. Since mid-1980s, non-oil & gas export revenues have been jumping up beyond the oil & gas exports; and during the last-few year oil & gas export revenues constitute even less than a quarter of the total export income.

Cheers, frizzy.

Shoutmix Premium Account

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Shoutmix, I really love it, kenapa? menurutku si asik aja, apalagi kalo dipake blogwalking. Sudah itu mempermudah aku memonitoring aktifitas trafik sepanjang hari melalui handphone atau blackberry, jadi aku bisa makin lengket ma sobat2 blogger yang aku sayangi dan cintai.
Karena kecintaanku inilah mulai hari ini Februari 22, 2009 aku upgrade account shoutmixku. Apa sih keuntungan upgrade shoutmix silahkan lihat di sini.

Fitur yang paling berharga adalah daftar link dan pesan yang sobat berikan untuk diriku, atau kadang2 juga untuk orang lain buat sobat yang suka berpromosi lewat blogku. It's okay no problemo gak masalah nothing to loose etc. Pokoke aku senang aja rumahku banyak kawan dan aku dengan senang hati tulus ikhlas datang berkunjung balik ke rumah sobat semua melalui link yang menempel di shoutmix ini.
Fitur lainnya yang bikin aku senang adalah kemampuan pengarsipan dan bisa download pesan2 sobat jadi bisa aku simpan ke dalam hatiku dengan penuh kebahagiaan.

Akhir kata, mari kita sambung tali silaturrahmi secara terus menerus, kalo perlu sampai kakek nenek atau di saat kita semua sudah berada di titik yang lemah. Semoga bermanfaat untuk semuanya...

Cheers, frizzy.

Bukan Indonesia untuk pariwisata, tetapi pariwisata untuk kesejahteraan masyarakat Indonesia

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Indonesia Jadi Tujuan Wisata Spa Terbaik Dunia

Indonesia terpilih menjadi tujuan wisata spa terbaik di dunia melalui penghargaan yang akan dianugerahkan International Wellness Awards kepada Indonesia dalam International Travel Bourse di Berlin, Jerman.

"Mengapa Indonesia? Sebab Indonesia mampu mempertahankan warisan budaya leluhur dikombinasikan dengan hasil riset terbaru," kata Pimpinan Selected Hotel Promotion Inc (organisasi pariwisata internasional ternama), Frank Pfaller, dalam siaran pers, Rabu (18/2).
Bali dinilai merupakan kawasan wisata spa terbaik karena mampu memelihara kebudayaan asli leluhur, termasuk warisan raja-raja kuno. Bahkan, terminologi khas Bali dalam kaitannya dengan spa seperti boreh dan lulur telah diakui secara internasional.

Indonesia melalui Bali telah terpilih sebagai "The Best Spa Destination in The World". Penghargaan tersebut akan diserahkan dalam rangka penyelenggaraan pameran pariwisata tahunan yang bergengsi, yaitu International Tourism Bourse (ITB) di Berlin, Jerman, awal Maret 2009. Hal itu karena kegiatan ITB merupakan pameran terbesar yang melibatkan ribuan pelaku bisnis di dunia pariwisata internasional. Penghargaan tersebut rencananya akan diterima secara langsung oleh Menteri Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata, Jero Wacik, yang akan hadir dalam kegiatan ITB di Berlin tersebut.

Pada kesempatan yang sama, Raja Denpasar IX Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pamecutan juga akan dianugerahi penghargaan Senses Wellness Award 2009 dari organisasi yang sama.

Raja Denpasar IX juga akan menerima The Five-star-Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award yang akan diberikan oleh Presiden American Academy of Hospitality Sciences Joe Cinque atas sumbangsih dan pengabdiannya dalam hal hubungan pertukaran dan perkembangan kebudayaan internasional. "Kami mewakili masyarakat spa yang ada di Bali akan berangkat dalam acara tersebut di samping karena tahun ini Bali terpilih menjadi tujuan spa terbaik dunia," kata Raja Denpasar IX Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pamecutan.

Ia berharap penerimaan penghargaan tersebut dapat lebih memperkenalkan pariwisata Indonesia kepada dunia internasional. Raja Denpasar IX rencananya akan berangkat dan membawa rombongan misi kebudayaan yang terdiri dari 80 raja dan sultan seluruh Indonesia yang tergabung dalam Forum Silaturahmi Keraton se-Nusantara.

"Kami juga akan membawa tim kesenian Bali klasik dan kesenian dari seluruh Nusantara untuk mempromosikan adat tradisi budaya kita kepada dunia. Prinsipnya bukan Indonesia untuk pariwisata, tetapi pariwisata untuk kesejahteraan masyarakat Indonesia," katanya.

Cheers, frizzy.

Contract Management Software

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Contract Management Software allows organizations to effectively manage the various types of contracts they engage in, including: buy side, sell side, and non monetary.

In general, the benefits of implementing Contract Management Software are seen in the reduction in time and effort and improvements in the contracting process. Specific areas that see improvement are:

* Improved information related to contracts and the activities governed by those contracts - better information and more of it.
* Streamlined processes that result in reduced operating expenses.
* Maximum realization of revenue and/or cost savings potential by maximizing the benefits of each contract through event management and performance and compliance monitoring.
* Maximum involvement of stakeholders through an online, paperless contracting process.
* Improved relationships with all stakeholders including staff, customers and suppliers.
* Strategic sourcing benefits - maximize buying power through better managed contracts.
* Business Intelligence through proper analysis of information about contracts and contracted activities.
* ensure visibility is available across all contracts to the authorized people,
* notify stakeholders of impending trigger points ensuring that contract management is pro-active, not re-active,
* validate payments, deliverables, commitments and compliance terms that are established in the actual contract, and
* ensure compliance to negotiated terms and conditions including rates, discounts, and rebates.

It delivers extensive benefit in each of these areas out of the box, but when coupled with business process improvement that is aimed at maximizing the functionality of the contract management process, organizations further improve their strategic benefits significantly.

Contract management software suppliers include: Accruent, Advanced Software Concepts, ARM Group, Blueridge Software, Capterra, CMSI, CobbleStone Systems, Covigna, Determine, diCarta, Ecteon, Exari, FieldCentrix, I-many, Ketera, Omniware, Open Windows Contracts, Procure,, SAP and UpsideSoft.

General Features
* End-to-end Contract Management Solution
* Extremely flexible with user defined business rules and customized workflow
* Ability to manage various types of contracts
* Corporate repository of clauses, templates, and management indicator
* Completely Web-based
* Ensures contract and RFx (i.e. RFP, RFI, RFQ, etc.) visibility, monitoring, & reporting for all stakeholders
* Personal 'Dashboard'
* User-role-based functional view and navigation control

Advanced Workflow Management
* Template-based (static), business rules-based (dynamic) and organizational hierarchy-based workflow determination capabilities are supported
* Workflow determination and management can be applied in most modules of the system

Procurement Management
* Template-based RFx creation
* Dynamic workflow to manage RFx creation
* Structured RFx management
* Vendor access and participation

Request Processing
* Highly configurable, ‘wizard-like’ interface to capture user requests for:
o new RFXs and associated procurement activities
o new contracts,
o change orders,
o supplements,
o renewals, and
o terminations.

Contract Creation
* Template-based contract creation
* Dynamic workflow to manage contract creation
* Related documents can be scanned and attached
* Online negotiation
* Contract calculations
* PDF support
* Rich text editor

Contract Management
* Notification and alerts for required tasks and events
* Performance monitoring
* Compliance monitoring
* Renewal, amendments and change management

Financial & Budget Monitoring and Management
* Manage contract commitments
* Automate payments
* Manage holdbacks
* Integration with UpsideBilling

Integration with Other Systems
* Interface with any ERP/Financial system
* Fills in the gap between ERP and CRM systems
* Integrates other systems used in business processes

Management Information
* Business Intelligence Support
* Management Reporting
* Ad Hoc Reporting

Reports can also be provided in Crystal Web format and includes the data dictionary so that external reporting using Crystal Reports can be performed.

2000 Pulau di Indonesia Terancam Hilang, haruskah???

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Mengajak kepada seluruh blogger Indonesia untuk turut menyuarakan keprihatinan serta meningkatkan persatuan dalam wacana Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

Kutipan dari Antara.
Sedikit-dikitnya 2000 pulau kecil terancam hilang akibat produksi penambangan yang belebihan dan kegiatan lain yang tidak ramah terhadap lingkungan laut dan daratan.

"Tapi herannya kenapa semua pada diam termasuk perguruan tinggi baik negeri maupun swasta yang jumlahnya ratusan ini tidak melakukan apa-apa untuk menghentikan kegiatan yang bisa menghilangkan pulau-pulau kecil itu," kata Menteri Kelautan dan Perikanan Freddy Numberi di Malang, Sabtu. Selengkapnya

Cheers, frizzy2008.

Shopwiki for Video Games

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

For the needs of video games, you the game freak need not hesitate to visit the Shopwiki Video Games reach for trinkets of all equipment. Review all the shopping places easier you to determine where you can get your favorite items.

All types of favorite consoles, such as Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 doesn't need to make a consideration because Shopwiki provides a very complete Buying Guide.

Shopwiki revolutionizes the way you spend on online shopping. Supported by 30,000 stores make you lucky goal in each of the deals and better with a cheaper cost.
So what are you waiting for, go Shopwiki ...

Cheers, frizzy.


Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

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Cheers, frizzy.

IT Knowledges

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Customer Relationship Management

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Business Intelligence

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Tanggapan: Masyarakat Tradisional Vs. Kapitalis = Pembangunan

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Tulisan 1 (pertama) dari 2 (dua) tulisan.
Tanggapan artikel Masyarakat Tradisional Vs. Kapitalis = Pembangunan
Tulisan Mr. Abdul Wahab Kiak

Pertama-tama aku akan mengenalkan background dan pola berpikirku. Aku telah bekerja di bidang System Integrator selama lebih dari 14 tahun.
Dalam memberikan solusi, metode yang kupakai adalah Engineering. Suatu metode pemecahan masalah yang menggunakan analisa dari seluruh hal-hal yang saling berkaitan.
Permasalahan yang diselesaikan tanpa analisa yang lengkap, hanya akan menyimpan permasalahan yang menggunung. Yang terlihat bisa dijalankan untuk sementara, namun akan gagal untuk ke depannya.

Berbicara mengenai pembangunan pada sektor kehutanan. Hal yang mendasar adalah kita harus mengetahui seluruh potensi hutan yang ada, berikut seluruh sumber daya alam pendukungnya dan yang paling penting adalah sumber daya manusianya. Ketika bicara tentang semua hal ini, tentunya kita memerlukan analis-analis dalam bidangnya.
Aku tidak pernah setuju pada sebuah keputusan yang tidak didasari oleh analisa yang tepat dan akurat. Apalagi keputusan yang hanya diputuskan oleh seseorang tanpa alasan yang komprehensif. Please dong ah, kita sekarang hidup di alam yang penuh teknologi modern, teknologi yang dibangun dengan proses analisa yang mendalam sehingga sebuah teknologi, dari yang sederhana sampai yang canggih dan rumit sekalipun dapat diterima oleh seluruh lapisan masyarakat di seluruh dunia. Aku contohkan misalnya satu set tool box, furnitur dengan disain modern, handphone, sampai prosesor komputer yang proses pembuatannya sangat2 rumit dll. Amazing isn't it!

Maaf saudara, sekarang bukan waktunya lagi seorang pejabat pengambil keputusan bisa berlagak layaknya manusia super yang berwibawa di seluruh jagad raya. Aku sering tertawa membaca tulisan2 di prasasti2 kuno yang terlalu memuji seorang raja secara hiperbolis yang jelas kebangetan tapi mampu mempengaruhi masyarakat yang berpendidikan rendah.

Berikut adalah para analis yang dibutuhkan dalam pembangunan sektor kehutanan.
1. Analis Antropologi/Budaya/Adat Istiadat/Agama
2. Analis Hukum, Teritorial dan keamanan
3. Analis Kehutanan dan Perkebunan
4. Analis Politik
5. Analis Sumber Daya Manusia
6. Analis Resiko
7. Analis Komunikasi/Hubungan Kemasyarakatan
8. Analis Keuangan/Finansial
9. Analis Perpajakan
10. Analis Operasional
11. Analis Akuntansi
11. Analis Kualitas
12. Analis Kepatuhan (Compliance)
13. Analis Teknologi
14. Analis Produk
15. Analis Pemasaran dan penjualan
16. ...dll yang belum terpikirkan

Para analis di atas adalah panita yang merumuskan masalah, memberikan ide, memberikan batasan-batasan, memberikan arahan, mencari kesepakatan dan mencari keputusan.
Masalah teknis produksi, pemasaran, penjualan dan pemeliharaan tidak dicantumkan di sini, karena scope tersebut adalah sesuatu hal kompleks yang lain lagi.

Ingat!, hutan adalah pemberian Tuhan, bukan buatan manusia. Maaf, bukan maksud menggurui tapi memang inilah yang ada dalam otakku.
Sekali lagi saudaraku, janganlah keputusan yang sangat penting ini dibebankan/dibiarkan kepada satu orang/satu golongan saja. Agama mengajarkan kita untuk menyerahkan setiap persoalan kepada ahlinya bukan kepada orang yang tidak paham apalagi yang sok paham. Untuk itu, hindarilah pemujian yang berlebihan kepada seseorang atau golongan tertentu. Mari kita ubah paradigma tersebut bersama-sama yaa.

Masyarakat Tradisional Vs. Kapitalis = Pembangunan
sebelumnya aku akan membuat definisi Masyarakat Tradisional, Kapitalis dan Pembangunan. Ketiga hal ini aku sebut entiti, setiap entiti punya karakter/sifat yang berbeda sehingga penanganan dan pemecahan masalahnya pun berbeda.
Namun patut diingat bahwa ulasan aku berasal dari berita-berita umum yang ada, sehingga point of viewnya jelas berbeda dengan orang2 yang menghadapinya secara langsung.

Berbicara masyarakat tradisional pasti berbicara masalah struktur masyarakat adat. Sebagai orang yang hidup di era modern seperti sekarang, aku sangat jauh dari mengerti mengenai struktur adat. Ditambah dengan paham nasionalis dan demokratis yang aku anut, sebagai orang yang hanya diberi pengertian bahwa aku adalah orang dan manusia Indonesia yang harus hidup dengan ideologi Pancasila, aku tidak akan mengkotak-kotakan suku bangsa yang satu dengan yang lain. Namun aku sangat menghargai penduduk asli yang telah sepaham menganggap bahwa tanah kelahirannya adalah haknya mereka, meskipun bukan mereka yang membuatnya (mohon dibaca dengan pikiran terbuka dan modern).
Oke, mari kita lanjutkan. Aku menganggap struktur yang sekarang ada harus dijaga namun TETAP harus dikembangkan, disesuaikan dan dialokasikan sumber dayanya untuk menghadapi kompetisi global.
Kenapa aku bicara kompetisi? Karena dalam agama kita ditekankan untuk tidak iri dan dengki, namun diwajibkan untuk menuntut ilmu setinggi-tingginya untuk bersaing dalam perdagangan, menolak riba dan mencari ridha Allah SWT seluas-luasnya.
Sebuah tim (struktur adat) yang kaku tidak akan mampu menghadapi variasi kompetisi yang berbeda-beda. Karena tiap potensi kehutanan di suatu daerah pasti berbeda dengan yang lainnya. Semua pihak yang terkait harus jujur menyatakan potensi dirinya, tidak boleh ada yang merasa superior jika kita bicara sumber daya. Pandangan hanya penguasa yang mengerti akan keadaan teritorialnya adalah pandangan yang lemah dan sulit diterima oleh masyarakatnya saat ini. Sebagai profesional, mungkin aku bisa sarankan untuk merombak tatanan struktural yang ada dengan tetap melibatkan nafas budaya yang dianut meskipun itu pasti ditentang oleh 'masyarakatnya'.
Dari sini diharapkan semua pihak akhirnya sadar, aware akan potensinya dan mensosialisasikan kepada masyarakat lainnya di seluruh Indonesia. Sehingga jika ternyata ada pihak masyarakat dari daerahlain menyatakan bisa membantu, kita tidak perlu lagi bantuan dari negara lain.

Sob, segitu dulu ya, karena aku mau ngurusin pendaftaran sekolah anak. Aku akan teruskan tulisan ini di posting berikutnya.

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Google Adsense Analysis 4 - Riwayat Pembayaran Kedua

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Ini adalah laporan riwayat pembayaran per tanggal 5 Februari 2009. Hasilnya si cukup lumayan buat pemula seperti aku. Tapi yaa itu sob, deg-degan ni, bener bisa payout lagi gak yaa???

Mohon pencerahan kepada mpu-mpu blogger yang sudah pada sukses.
Terima kasih aku haturkan kepada semua yang mendukung blogku ini, spesial kepada clicker bloggerousss, yang sudah memberikan kliknya tanpa diminta (atau memang dah janjian upsshhh).

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Do good for Indonesia and become guest blogger on

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Do good for Indonesia and become guest blogger on
To members of Official Indonesian Bloggers Group
Enda Nasution
Today at 4:20pm

Thanks to Mike Aquino the editor for Southeast Asia Travel section on and one of our invited blogger that came to Pesta Blogger 2008. is one of the oldest source on the Internet and recently become a part of the New York Times Company

By become as a guest blogger on the site your post will be read by a lot of visitor from US and around the worl AND you are doing something good for Indonesia because you are promoting the country and specially the places that you love.

So, interested?
Here’s how you can become a guest blogger on Southeast Asia Travel
* Write something about the not-so-familiar places of Indonesia, places that they think foreigners should visit instead of the regular tourist spot.
* Write in English doesn’t have to be perfect, but has to be very descriptive with a lot of information
* You can submit several posts
* Each post should have at least three supporting images.
* Each post should recommend at least three places to stay.
* Each post should have info on how to get there/get around/leave.

Mike will pick ten best blog entries in English, which he will feature on his blog and in a separate article inside (”Top Ten ‘Hidden’ Spots in Indonesia”).
While English-only bloggers are welcome to join, he’ll take a closer look at non-English bloggers.
Runners-up will still be featured in a blog entry of their own.
Once you are finish, post the link to your entry on the comment section of this post:

This gig came with bags of kudos, heart warming tools knowing that you do something good for the country and GIANT bragging rights. :D
What are you waiting for? Start writing now!

Cheers, frizzy.

Consider Indonesia!

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Consider Indonesia!

Are you aware that Indonesia currently ranks number five worldwide in Export Success Stories? And number one in Southeast Asia?
Wouldn't you like your company to share in that success?

Here's a few fact that you might not be aware of:
* Indonesia is the world's fourth largest country, with a population of over 230 million.
* Indonesia's GDP is growing at over 6% annually, and is expected to reach 6.8% this year.
* Indonesia has by far the largest economy in Southeast Asia.
* Indonesia is the world's third largest democracy, with a thriving open economy.

Isn't this a market your clients ought to consider?

Cheers, frizzy2008.

Options Trading

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Options Trading!

1. You can make more money – faster – in a bad economy
2. Good economies are still a cash-cow
3. There is no overhead
4. No employees
5. No boss breathing down your neck
6. You can do it from anywhere in the world...all you need is a laptop
7. You can get started on a shoestring

Complex or Simple?
Option trading isn't a fad or gimmicky business that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It is a proven investing technique that has been used for more than 70 years by the “super-wealthy” to exploit market swings for 100% to 500% gains in a matter of weeks. I'm talking about institutional investors, hedge fund managers, and private equity have all used options to make a fortune.

Despite a wide-spread belief that options are complicated, they are actually very simple. Sure there are those who believe in “efficient markets” and employ sophisticated “option pricing models” that are theoretically “fool-proof”.

But it was reliance on these “fail-safe” models that caused the collapse of Long Term Capital Management in 98' and once again damn near brought down the “house” as the sophists behind these pricing models divided up sub-prime mortgage paper and “miraculously” turned it into AAA paper.

The only thing we've learned through all of this, is that the “efficient market theory” isn't efficient at all, and eventually blows up in your face.
Markets are NOT efficient. How can they be when they are made up of a bunch of tightly-wound human “creatures” whose emotions of greed and fear often hit ten on the Richter scale?

When you understand that the market constantly gyrates back and forth between these two emotional extremes, using options to grow wealthy becomes a very simple and predictable process.
It may come as a shock, but greed & fear are patterned and repeat over and over in every every market.....and in every time frame, from a one-minute chart to a multi-year chart. I'll tell you all about it in just a moment. But first a word from the worlds richest man.

by someone which I forgot, sorry
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Selamat Pagi Bulan Februari

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Selamat pagi sobat semua. Ini aku tulis pada tanggal 1 Februari 2009 pukul 1:37 am.
Semoga semua sobat bloggerous sehat wal afiyat, terus giat berkarya dan makin cinta akan persahabatan.
Mulai hari ini aku launching project baru di, sebagai wadah berekspresi berikutnya. Semua yang ingin berpartisipasi akan aku terima dengan terbuka.

Love your visiting, your friendship and your posting...

Cheers, frizzy.