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Your 12 Most Embarrassing Beauty Questions

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WebMD Feature from "Redbook" Magazine
By Amy M. Keller.

When the normal bacteria on your feet interact with moisture trapped in your socks and shoes, they emit stinky sulfurous byproducts, says Doris J. Day, M.D., an assistant professor of dermatology at New York University.

1. What causes foot odor?
The fix: Since dry feet equals odor-free feet, wear absorbent cotton socks with shoes made from breathable materials, like canvas and leather, and sprinkle Zeasorb - an over-the-counter drying powder - into your shoes every morning. Three nights a week, pour a pot of tea made with several regular (not herbal) tea bags into a basin, then soak your feet for five to 10 minutes. The tannic acid in tea temporarily inhibits sweat production. See your doctor if your feet are also red, swollen or scaly to make sure a bacterial or fungal infection isn't causing the smell.

2. Why does my breath smell despite constant brushing?
Although brushing will help prevent cavities (so don't stop scrubbing), it can only mask bad breath, since the problem really lies within your throat and tongue, not your teeth. When the bacteria in your mouth lose access to oxygen (which can happen when you use alcohol-based mouthwashes, take certain prescription medications for depression or high blood pressure or simply sit with your mouth shut for a long time), they emit smelly sulfur compounds, says Harold Katz, D.D.S., founder of The California Breath Clinic in Los Angeles; this is the same principle at work with foot odor. Eating garlic and onion also makes your breath stink because they contain - surprise - those same sulfur compounds.

The fix: Contrary to popular belief, a tongue scraper won't banish bad breath - sulfur compounds cannot be removed manually. Instead, keep your mouth oxygenated by drinking water throughout the day and using an over-the-counter oral rinse with chlorine dioxide in both the A.M. and the P.M. to neutralize sulfur compounds. (Try TheraBreath Oral Rinse.) Chewing on oxygen-rich vegetables, like parsley and celery, can also diminish odors. If these tricks don't work, see your dentist.

3. I've started to sweat through my blouses. Should I be worried?
Most likely there's nothing to fear, says Joseph L. Jorizzo, M.D., chairperson of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC. You probably just have a benign, hereditary tendency toward excessive sweating that can crop up at any age. But see your doctor to rule out an overactive thyroid, a low blood-sugar level and a number of other problems that can cause continual heavy sweating.

The fix: Before bed, towel-dry your armpits and apply the prescription antiperspirant solution Drysol (it contains a higher percentage of aluminum chloride - a drying agent - than regular deodorants do). Wash the solution off in the A.M. and don't reapply any deodorant. Repeat nightly. Still not satisfied? Ask your doctor about Botox injections - one treatment ($800 to $1,500) can paralyze sweat glands for six months to a year.

4. Every time I shave, I get a bumpy rash along my bikini line -- what's causing it?
A too-close shave or waxing can make hairs split and loop around just under the surface of the skin. As these off-kilter hairs grow, they push up against your skin, causing inflammation and redness, says Lawrence Moy, M.D., chief of dermatology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

The fix: Put down your loofah; dermatologists now agree that rubbing the bumps to free trapped hairs will only make the problem worse. Instead, apply an OTC acetylsalicylic acid (a.k.a. aspirin) solution twice a day for two to seven days to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin. (Try Soft Cell.) Once you shed this layer, the looped hairs will be able to poke through. A cortisone injection, administered by your dermatologist, will decrease inflammation in bigger bumps. If ingrown hairs are a persistent problem, you may want to consider laser treatment, which damages the hair follicles and prevents hair growth. You'll need about three treatments (each around $350) followed by a touch-up every six months to a year.

5. I've heard that spider veins are hereditary. My mom doesn't have them, so why do I?
Genetics isn't the only cause of these unsightly blue veins. Pregnancy and trauma to the leg (like bumping into something) can bring them on, says Esta Kronberg, M.D., a Houston, TX, dermatologist.

The fix: Though vitamin K cream has been touted by some as the next big thing in spider-vein treatment (possibly because of its ability to constrict blood vessels, which supposedly makes veins less visible), there's no way the molecules in the cream can penetrate the skin on your legs and be absorbed into your veins, says Jorizzo. The best option - with 95 percent of patients seeing improvement after one to three treatments (up to $300 per treatment, per leg) -- is still sclerotherapy, tiny injections of saline solution, which irritates veins and causes them to swell shut.

6. Are the bumps on my butt and on the backs of my arms pimples?
No. They're actually called keratosis pilaris - the cause is unknown, but some claim that it's a hereditary condition.

The fix: You can soften and help slough off bumps by rubbing them with a mixture of equal parts petroleum jelly and either water or cold cream. If that doesn't work, prescription Retin-A probably will, but it can irritate the surrounding skin. A better alternative: prescription LactiCare-HC Lotion 2 1/2%, which contains lactic acid to dissolve dead skin cells and hydrocortisone to soothe any acid-induced irritation. Rub lotion onto bumps twice a day until they clear up.

7. What's causing my toenail fungus?
Toenail fungus is actually athlete's foot (often picked up from shared showers or borrowed shoes) that has spread into your toenails.

The fix: The most effective treatment is a prescription antifungal pill like Lamisil or Sporanox, but be warned: These treatments are only 70 to 80 percent effective at best, and even when they work it takes nearly a year and a half for the toenail to fully grow out, says Day. Prevent a recurrence by wearing shower slippers every time you rinse off at the gym and by not borrowing shoes.

8. Why do my teeth look so dingy?
Smoking and excessive consumption of dark beverages (like coffee, tea, soda and red wine) are the main causes of stained teeth, says Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S., founder of the Rozenberg Dental Day Spa in New York City.

The fix: As with clothing stains, the longer discolorations remain on your teeth, the harder they are to remove - so keep up those twice-a-year dental visits. You can lighten your teeth several shades with a whitening toothpaste that contains carbamide peroxide, but use it only once a day to avoid drying out gum tissue. (Try Rembrandt Plus with Peroxide toothpaste.) Floss treated with the whitening agent silica has also been proven to polish away stains, which often form between teeth. (Try Johnson & Johnson Reach Whitening Floss.) For more dramatic results, your dentist can bleach your teeth up to eight shades brighter with a highly concentrated peroxide gel administered via laser ($800 to $1,500) or in a custom-fitted mouthpiece ($600 to $1,000) that you wear an hour a day for about 10 days, says Rozenberg. (Though drugstore bleaching kits are much less expensive, they aren't quite as effective -- the gel isn't as strong, and since the mouthpieces aren't created specifically for you, the gel can drip out of them and inflame your gums.)

9. Why do I have stretch marks?
You may suspect that the marks on your tummy, thighs or hips were caused by pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations. What you may not know, though, is that hormonal changes that occur during normal growth spurts can also cause your skin to stretch and scar, says Lawrence Moy, M.D. Red marks appear when your skin stretches and thins so much that you can see your blood flowing through the skin's thinned outer layers, says Joseph L. Jorizzo, M.D., When your skin stretches minimally or the stretched skin is thick, white marks result.

The fix: No treatment is guaranteed to remove stretch marks, but you can make them less noticeable. Try twice-daily applications of OTC Striae Stretch Mark Creme - several studies have confirmed that it can reduce red or white marks in about four weeks. Or ask your doctor about laser therapy ($450 to $700 per treatment), which can tone down the brightness of recently acquired red marks, or microdermabrasion ($50 to $150 per session), which can diminish the appearance of white marks.

10. Could there be a serious underlying cause for excess facial hair?
If you fight your follicles on a daily basis or sprout lots of hairs on your chin, see your doctor. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (a disorder characterized by high levels of male hormones) or an adrenal gland problem could be to blame. If you're moderately hairy (you tidy up your brows or upper-lip area once a month), you've probably just got your genes to thank.

The fix: Vaniqa - a new, odorless prescription cream- has recently been approved by the FDA to decrease light to heavy hair growth anywhere on the face ($50 for a two-month supply). Though it doesn't yield immediate results (you'll need to keep using your regular hair-removal methods at first), the cream blocks one of the enzymes responsible for hair growth, gradually slowing it down as long as you continue to use it, says Ken Washenik, M.D., director of dermatopharmacology at New York University School of Medicine. For those who don't respond to Vaniqa, six laser hair treatments ($150 each) can significantly decrease hair growth for months. A monthly electrolysis session for up to a year ($60 to $100 each) can remove hair permanently.

11. Why is my face so shiny?
If you are also losing hair and have stopped getting your period, a hormonal imbalance could be the culprit, and you should see your doctor. If not, your skin is just oversensitive to your male hormones (we all have them) - and this is triggering the production of excess oil. Another possibility: a too-harsh cleansing routine (some of you have written to us saying you use rubbing alcohol to nix shine!). Many derms believe that alcohol-based toners and gritty scrubs can overdry and irritate your skin and make it produce extra oil to compensate, says Doris J. Day, M.D.

The fix: Your best bet is to regulate oil without overdrying your skin. So in the morning, wash your face with an oil-free lotion cleanser, then rub on an alcohol-free toner. (Try Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin and Bath & Body Works Bio Face Oil-Control Facial Toner.) Top with the OTC oil-absorbing gel Clinac OC. Sop up shiny spots throughout the day with blotting papers. (Try Hard Candy Shiny Sheets.) Repeat your A.M. routine - minus the gel - before bed. If you continue to shine, ask your dermatologist about Retin-A Micro. Less irritating than regular Retin-A, this prescription cream was created to treat acne but has also been proven effective against oiliness.

12. What causes hand warts?
The human papilloma virus is responsible for warts - but to get them you have to be both genetically predisposed and in close contact with an infected person, says Doris J. Day, M.D.

The fix: With a clean nail file, gently slough off the top layers of your warts daily to remove dead skin, says Day. (Do not use this nail file for anything but wart removal.) Then rub on over-the-counter Occlusal HP - its highly concentrated salicylic acid dissolves warts. If warts remain after several months, consult your dermatologist about other remedies, including laser therapy and liquid nitrogen treatments. Despite treatment, however, warts can come back. A warning: Be careful when engaging in sexual activity - though it's unlikely, hand warts can spread to your (or your partner's) genitals.

Taken from WebMD
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Flu Glossary

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Medical terms related to the flu can be confusing. Here are brief definitions for common terms you may hear from your doctor or friends.

Antibacterial. Capable of killing bacteria or slowing their growth.

Antibiotics. Medicines that treat infections by killing bacteria; they have no effect on viruses, like the flu.

Antibiotic resistance. A condition in which bacteria adapt to an antibiotic medicine and become immune to it.

Antiviral agent. Medications that treat viral infections. Flu antivirals like Tamiflu or Relenza can be used to treat the flu (if given within 48 hours of becoming sick) or to prevent it in people at high risk.

Bacteria. Microscopic one-celled organisms, some of which can cause illness.

Bronchitis. Inflammation of the airways leading to the lungs; it can be caused by viruses or bacteria.

Common cold. An viral infection of the upper respiratory tract; colds are unrelated to influenza.

Germs. Any microbes, including viruses or bacteria.

Immune system. The group of organs and specialized cells in the body that protect against disease.

Immunity. Protection from disease.

Immunization. A way of making a person immune to a disease; specifically, vaccination.

Influenza. Also called the flu, a common but sometimes serious viral infection of the respiratory tract, causing congestion, fever, body ache, and other symptoms.

Microbe. A microscopic organism.

Nasal vaccine. A vaccination, like FluMist, that is inhaled through the nose, rather than injected.

Pneumonia. Inflammation of the lungs, causing fever, chills, cough, chest pain, and difficulty breathing, that is often caused by a virus or bacterial infection.

Reye's syndrome. A life-threatening brain disease that can follow infection with a virus, like the flu, and is most common in children; it’s associated with taking medicines containing aspirin.

Sinusitis. Swelling of the sinuses, especially the ones around the nasal passages; it might be caused by infection with a virus or bacteria.

“Stomach flu.” The informal name for gastrointestinal illnesses caused by any number of different microbes; it has no relation to actual influenza.

Vaccine. A substance, often given by injection, that protects against a disease; vaccines contain a dead or weakened version of a microbe, which spurs the immune system to recognize and destroy the living microbe during future infection.

Virus. A microscopic organism that invades living cells to reproduce; many, like influenza, cause illness.

Taken from WebMD
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Saatnya mengatur 'ACTION' hubungan anda

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Untuk wanita, gunakan alat deteksi kadar hormon LH (Luteinizing Hormone) pada air seni.
  1. Ketahui siklus haid anda, hitung dari hari pertama menstruasi sampai hari sebelum hari pertama menstruasi periode berikutnya.
  2. Tentukan kapan mulai test.
  3. Jika anda menginginkan kehamilan, lakukan hubungan intim 1 hingga 6 hari setelah 'masa subur'.
  4. Bila anda ingin menghindari kehamilan, hindari hubungan intim 1 hingga 6 hari setelah 'masa subur'.
  5. Jikalau hasil sudah negatif, anda dapat melakukan hubungan intim tanpa resiko kehamilan.
Hmm, aku adalah pria menikah, hal-hal ini sangat berguna buatku dan istriku.
Buat yang belum menikah? mungkin berguna juga yach...

by fertitest
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Rumah idaman di jual

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Komplek DKI Joglo
Jl. Segitiga No.4
Kembangan, Jakarta Barat 11640
  • Sertifikat Hak Milik
  • IMB Lengkap
  • Luas Tanah: 368m2
  • Luas Bangunan: +-300m2
  • 5 kamar tidur + 1 kamar pembantu
  • 3 kamar mandi + 1 kamar kecil
  • Ruang keluarga luas
  • Ruang makan
  • Ruang dapur
  • Lingkungan Asri
Hubungi Bapak Tahmid Azis (pemilik): 081317999110


Fahmi Rizwansyah says:


13 Wajah Gerakan Syahwat Merdeka

Di dalam gelombang reformasi yang membawa perubahan politik sewindu yang lalu, sebuah arus besar digerakkan oleh kelompok permisif dan adiktif menumpang masuk ke tanah air kita. Arus besar itu, sesuai karakteristiknya, tepat disebut sebagai gerakan syahwat merdeka.

Tak ada sosok organisasi resminya, tapi jaringan kerja samanya mendunia, kapital raksasa mendanainya, ideologi gabungan melandasinya, dan banyak media massa jadi pengeras suaranya.

Ada tiga belas komponen dalam gerakan dengan seks sebagai jaringan pengikatnya ini:

PERTAMA adalah praktisi sehari-hari kehidupan pribadi dan kelompok dalam perilaku seks bebas hetero dan homo, terang-terangan dan sembunyi-sembunyi dan sebagian anti-pernikahan resmi.

KEDUA, penerbit majalah dan tabloid mesum, yang telah menikmati tiada perlunya SIUPP. Mereka menjual wajah dan kulit perempuan muda, lalu menawarkan jasa hubungan kelamin pada pembaca pria dan wanita lewat nomor telepon genggam.

KETIGA, produser, penulis skrip, dan pengiklan acara televisi syahwat. Seks siswa dengan guru, ayah dengan anak, siswa dengan siswa, siswa dengan pria paruh baya, siswa dengan pekerja seks komersial --ditayangkan pada jam prime time, kalau pemainnya terkenal. Setiap tayangan televisi, rata-rata 170 juta orang yang memirsa.

KEEMPAT, 4,200,000 (empat koma dua juta) situs porno dunia, 100,000 (seratus ribu) situs porno Indonesia di internet. Dengan empat kali klik di komputer, anatomi tubuh perempuan dan laki-laki, sekaligus cara berfungsinya, dapat diakses gratis, sama mudahnya dilakukan baik dari San Francisco, Timbuktu, Rotterdam, maupun Sidoarjo.

KELIMA, penulis, penerbit, dan propagandis buku syahwat 1/4 sastra dan 1/2 sastra. Di Malaysia, penulis yang mencabul-cabulkan karyanya penulis pria. Di Indonesia, penulis yang asyik dengan wilayah selangkang dan sekitarnya mayoritas penulis perempuan. Ada kritikus sastra Malaysia berkata: "Wah, Pak Taufiq, pengarang wanita Indonesia berani-berani. Kok, mereka tidak malu, ya?" Memang begitulah, RASA MALU ITU YANG SUDAH TERKIKIS, bukan saja pada penulis-penulis perempuan aliran s.m.s. (sastra mazhab selangkang) itu, melainkan juga pada banyak bagian dari bangsa.

KEENAM, penerbit dan pengedar komik cabul. Komik yang kebanyakan terbitan Jepang yang diterjemahkan itu tampak di kulit luar biasa saja, tapi di dalamnya banyak gambar hubungan badannya, misalnya (bukan main) antara siswa dan Bu Guru. Harganya Rp 2.000.

KETUJUH, produsen, pengganda, pembajak, pengecer, dan penonton VCD/DVD biru. Indonesia kini jadi surga besar pornografi paling murah di dunia. Angka resmi produksi dan bajakan 2 juta-20 juta keping setahun. Harga yang dulu Rp 30.000 sekeping, kini turun menjadi Rp 3.000. Luar biasa murah. Anak-anak SMA, SMP, bahkan SD kita bisa membelinya tanpa risi karena tak ada larangan peraturan pemerintah. Sesudah menonton, mereka ingin mencobakannya, dan akhirnya bisa terlibat prostitusi dan/atau aborsi.

KEDELAPAN, pabrikan dan konsumen alkohol. Minuman keras dari berbagai merek dengan mudah bisa diperoleh di pasaran. Kemasan botol kecil diproduksi, mudah masuk kantong celana, harga murah, dijual di kios tukang rokok di depan sekolah, remaja dengan bebas bisa membelinya. Di Amerika dan Eropa, batas umur larangan di bawah 18 tahun.

KESEMBILAN, produsen, pengedar, dan pengguna narkoba. Tingkat keterlibatan Indonesia bukan pada pengedar dan pengguna saja, bahkan kini sampai pada derajat produsen dunia. Enam juta anak muda Indonesia terperangkap dan ratusan ribu menjadi korbannya.

KESEPULUH, pabrikan, pengiklan, dan pengisap nikotin. Korban racun nikotin 57.000 orang per tahun, maknanya setiap hari 156 orang mati, atau setiap sembilan menit seorang pecandu rokok meninggal. Pemasukan pajak Rp 15 trilyun (1996), tapi ongkos pengobatan berbagai penyakit akibatnya Rp 30 trilyun.

Mengapa alkohol, narkoba, dan nikotin termasuk dalam kategori kontributor arus syahwat merdeka ini? Karena sifat adiktifnya, kecanduannya, yang sangat mirip, begitu pula proses pembentukan ketiga adiksi tersebut dalam susunan saraf pusat manusia. Dalam masyarakat permisif, interaksi antara seks dan alkohol, narkoba dan nikotin, akrab sekali. Interaksi ini kemudian berlanjut dengan tindak kriminal berikutnya: pemerasan, perampokan, sampai ke titik puncaknya pembunuhan.

KESEBELAS, pengiklan perempuan dan laki-laki panggilan. Dalam masyarakat permisif, iklan semacam ini menjadi jembatan komunikasi yang diperlukan.

KEDUA BELAS, germo dan pelanggan prostitusi. Apabila hubungan syahwat suka-sama-suka yang gratis tidak tersedia, hubungan dalam bentuk perjanjian bayaran merupakan jalan keluarnya. Dalam hal ini, prostitusi berfungsi.

KETIGA BELAS, dokter dan dukun praktisi aborsi. Akibat kombinasi berbagai faktor di atas, kasus pemerkosaan dan kehamilan di luar pernikahan meningkat drastis.

Seorang peneliti dari sebuah universitas di Jakarta menyebutkan bahwa angka aborsi di Indonesia 2,2 juta setahun. Maknanya setiap 15 detik seorang calon bayi di suatu tempat di negeri kita meninggal akibat dari salah satu atau gabungan faktor-faktor di atas. Inilah produk akhirnya.

Luar biasa destruksi sosial yang dilakukan Gerakan Syahwat Merdeka ini, yang ciri kolektifnya adalah budaya malu yang telah kikis nyaris habis dalam diri mereka.

Taufiq Ismail
Penyair, budayawan
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  • Kualitas tidur

    Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

    Dulu aku pernah mendengar kata-kata quality of sleep atau kualitas tidur, seingatku artikelnya ditulis dari berbagai nara sumber langsung. Ada profesional, kyai/ulama, dokter dll. Trus iseng-iseng nyari artikel mengenai ini lagi trus nemu yang seperti ini.

    1. Yang terbaik, delapan jam setiap hari.
    Sebenarnya tak ada yang spesial dari angka delapan. Menurut psikolog dari New York University, Joyce Walsleben, Ph.D., penulis A Woman's Guide to Sleep, setiap orang punya kebutuhan yang berbeda dan Anda akan menyadari cukup tidur ketika tak merasa mengantuk berat di siang hari.

    2. Jika bisa mendapatkannya, tidur lebih banyak biasanya lebih sehat.
    Kenyataannya tidak demikian. Sejumlah riset mengungkap orang yang tidur lebih dari delapan jam semalam meninggal dalam usia lebih muda ketimbang mereka yang tidur selama enam hingga delapan jam. Apa yang belum dapat diungkap para ilmuwan adalah : apakah tidur lebih lama menyebabkan pengaruh buruk bagi kesehatan atau menimbulkan gejala seperti itu, kata Najib Ayas, M.D., MPH, asisten profesor medis di University of British Columbia. Yang jelas, orang yang kebanyakan tidur biasanya disebabkan beberapa gangguan kesehatan seperti sleep apnea, depresi, diabetes yang tak terkendali.

    3. Ada orang yang cukup tidur empat jam saja.
    Tokoh legendaris yang dikenal biasa tidur singkat — seperti Bill Clinton, Madonna, dan Margaret Thatcher — ternyata tidak selalu dapat mengatasi masalah kurang tidur. "Mereka sebenarnya hanya tak sadar betapa besar rasa kantuk yang dirasakan," ungkap Thomas Roth, Ph.D., peneliti dari Henry Ford Hospital di Detroit.

    Tidur yang terlalu sedikit jelas dapat memberi pengaruh negatif bagi kesehatan selain juga citra Anda. Kurang tidur membuat aktivitas Anda menjadi terganggum tidak efektif, menyebabkan sakit (memperlemah sistem imun), dan memicu obesitas.

    4. Bangun tengah malam menyebabkan Anda lemas seharian.
    Kenyataannya bisa sebaliknya. Bangun di tengah malam bisa menjadi siklus alami seseorang. Tak sedikit binatang yang tidur dengan cara seperti ini dan banyak indikasi bahwa nenek moyang kita juga melakukannya, seperti terjaga di malam hari untuk melakukan seks, kata Thomas Wehr, M.D., ilmuwan dari National Institute of Mental Health.

    5. Anda butuh obat resep jika menderita insomnia setiap malam
    Obat tidur didesain untuk gangguan tidur sementara atau jangka pendek, yang disebabkan stress seperti dipecat dari pekerjaan atau melakukan penerbangan transatlantik. Pasien yang mengalami gangguan tidur jangka panjang biasanya ditangani melalui cognitive behavioral therapy. Terapi ini dilakukan dengan cara melatih kembali persepsi tentang tidur dan belajar membiasakan tidur yang baik seperti pergi ke kamat tidur pada jam yang sama setiap malam, menghindari tayangan TV dan komputer sebelum tidur dan tak minum kafein setidaknya enam jam sebelum tidur, dan perubahan gaya hidup lainnya

    6. Anda bisa membayar tidur pada akhir pekan.
    Membayar kekurangan tidur pada akhir pekan karena sering begadang — apa yang disebut ahli tidur dari Harvard Robert Stickgold, Ph.D., sebagai "sleep bulimia" — dapat mengejutkan ritme biologis Anda dan membuat lebih sulit untuk mencapai tidur yang menyegarkan. Tidur hingga siang bolong pada hari Minggu bisanya dapat mencegah Anda kembali tertidur pada jam 10 malam hari tersebut. Oleh sebab itu, alih-alih membayar kekurangan tidur dari pekan sebelumnya, Anda justru menyetel atau menciptakan siklus tanpa tidur untuk sepekan ke depan. "Tubuh kita mencintai konsistensi," kata Donna Arand, Ph.D., jurubicara American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Jadi, yang terbaik adalah bangun pada jam yang sama setiap hari, bahkan di akhir pekan sekalipun.

    dari WebMD dan beberapa sumber.
    Cheers, frizzy2008.

    The world factbook -- Indonesia by CIA

    Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

    Indonesia factbook by CIA:

    Cheers, frizzy2008.

    Terlalu banyak hal yang masih bisa dinikmati

    Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

    Optimisme dalam hidup harus terus dibentuk dalam diri kita, hari demi hari. Karena dalam petunjuk Allah dan RasulNya, carilah dunia seolah-olah kamu hidup selamanya dan carilah akhirat seolah-olah kamu mati esok. Pesan ini harus terus hidup dan tumbuh dalam diri semua pribadi manusia. Memang banyak hal-hal yang terjadi dalam hidup kita, baik-buruk, untung-rugi, suka-duka, canda-derita, cinta-hujat, suci-hina, hutang-piutang, asli-palsu, indah-suram dll yang selalu membuat kita khawatir, karena mungkin kita merendahkan diri kita kepada persoalan yang dihadapi.
    Ketidakmengertian akan persoalan yang dihadapi juga dapat membuat ketakutan tetapi sekali lagi, kita harus optimis untuk dapat menjawab persoalan tersebut dengan tetap yakin di balik semua ini selalu ada hikmah dariNya. Jawaban yang kita terima haruslah dianggap sebagai rizki Ilahi yang harus disyukuri namun kita tetap harus mampu memahami jawaban itu sendiri.
    Cerita cinta dan kehidupan selalu menghiasi pikiran dan perilaku kita sebagai manusia. Cinta kepada pasangan, orang tua, pekerjaan, hobi, makanan-minuman, sahabat, guru dll hendaknya dilandasi dengan kecintaan kita pada sang khalik. Karena ketika cinta dunia menghilang, maka cinta khalik tidak pernah meninggalkan kita. Landasan ini yang membuat kita tidak terjerat kepada cinta buta dunia.
    Aku menyerahkan hidupku kepadaNya sebagai tanda keikhlasanku untuk dapat menerima apa yang telah digariskan. Namun aku menatap hari esok dengan bekal ilmu yang aku miliki untuk tetap bertahan dan memenangi segala macam cobaan dan tantangan. Semua yang terjadi kemarin tetap aku syukuri sebagai nikmat yang telah diberikan dan semua yang terjadi esok, tetap aku syukuri sebagai nikmat yang dijanjikanNya. Tidak ada waktu untuk mengeluh dan meratapi diri, karena aku sadar aku hanya makhluk ciptaanNya.
    Semoga Allah SWT melindungi dan meridhai kita semua, amin.

    Cheers, frizzy2008.

    Why Indonesia? (5)

    Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

    Indonesia is a country rich in cultural diversity with hundreds of different ethnic groups. Each group has its own unique traditions and arts, making Indonesia a country of interest to students of anthropology, ethnomusicology, theater, and art. At the University of Hawai'i you can even study how to play the Balinese and Javanese Gamelan orchestra.
    Indonesian is easy to learn. Within a month of beginning the program, you will find that you are already able to have some simple conversations in Indonesian as well as to write short compositions using the language.
    Each ethnic group also has its own local language, which they speak in addition to Bahasa Indonesia. On some islands such as Sulawesi and in the Moluccas, local languages often vary from village to village. Such linguistic diversity, along with language change make Indonesia a fascinating country for those interested in linguistics. Linguists interested in historical linguistics, morphology, sociolinguistics, language shift and language attrition will find Indonesia a land that provides them with much material to work with.
    Indonesia has the largest Moslem population of any country in the world. At the same time, it is a country that is diverse in religion. World religions include Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic and Protestant. In addition Kaharingan, the religion of the Dayak peoples of Kalimantan has gained official recognition as a religion. These religions and indigenous beliefs, their interrelationships and their syncretism provides fascinating study for students of religion.
    Indonesia is a developing nation rich in natural and human resources and promising economic potential, making it a country of interest to geographers, economists, international businessmen and women, and development workers.
    Indonesia has undergone tremendous political change in recent years, moving toward greater freedom and democracy for its citizens, making it a nation of intense interest for political scientists.

    Cheers, frizzy2008.

    Why Indonesia? (4)

    Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

    With a total coastal length of more than 81,000 kilometers, comprising 14 per cent of the Earth's shoreline, Indonesia has the longest coastline in the world. The range of marine ecosystems in Indonesia is extremely varied, especially the coastal ecosystems. These ecosystems support a huge collection of species. Indonesia is home to the most extensive mangrove forests, seagrass beds and spectacular coral reefs in Asia. Mangroves are most extensive on the east coast of Sumatra, and the coasts of Kalimantan, and Irian Jaya (which alone has 69 percent of Indonesia's mangrove habitat). While the deep blue seas of Maluku and Sulawesi harbor some of the worlds richest ecosystems in terms of the corals, fishes, and other reef organisms.

    Indonesia's coastal waters provide feeding havens to large groups of marine mammals, reptiles, fish, and both resident and migratory birds. Besides, these coastal zones also provide many important services for people living in coastal settlements. The shallow coastal regions with offshore reefs and inshore mangrove forests protect the coastline from the adverse effects of high tides and storms. Indonesia's reefs are traditionally an essential source of food for coastal dwelling communities, a tradition which in the past has been carried out in a sustainable way and is of considerable economic value to the country. Rituals and taboos are commonly applied where marine resources are being exploited. In Sangihe Talaud for example, an area habitually fished by an adat community member becomes a reserve for a period after his death.

    Indonesia's coastal zone supporst the highest concentrations of human populations in the country. Current estimations reveal 7100 coastal communities, many of which rely on traditional ways of fishing in waters close to the shores. Today these communities face many threats to their way of life. These threats include overfishing from national and foreign vessels, widespread collection of coral reefs, and in many communities dynamite fishing.

    Every effort should be made to ensure that the ongoing development in Indonesia is planned with the interest of the environment and its people in mind. Development should be planes to preserve the integrity and beauty of Indonesia's abundant, valuable, and often irreplaceable bounty of natural resources.

    by wwf.
    Cheers, frizzy2008.

    Why Indonesia? (3)

    Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

    The forests in Indonesia are crucial to life on earth. They serve as powerhouses of the planet and play a vital role in controlling climate and in regulating water cycles. They also provide us with useful food and medicinal plants. The most widespread forests in Indonesia are tropical rain forests. Tropical forests do not only harbor a wealth of diverse flora, they are one of the richest ecosystems on earth in terms of wildlife diversity.

    The greater part of the Indonesian archipelago was once covered with tropical rainforest. Today, although a considerable amount of former forest habitat has been lost, it still contains more tropical rain forest than any other country in the Asia-Pacific region. This is estimated to be 1,148,400 square kilometers - including some of the most species rich forests on planet Earth.

    Indonesia's species rich forests harbor the worlds greatest diversity of palms (447 species, of which 225 occur nowhere else), more than 400 species of dipterocarp (the most valuable commercial timber trees in Southeast Asia), and an estimated 25,000 species of flowering plants. Indonesia is also rich in wildlife: it ranks first in the world for mammals (515 species, of which 36% are endemic), first for swallowtail butterflies (121 species, of which 44% are endemic), third for reptiles (more than 600 species), fourth for birds (1519 species, of which 28% are endemic), fifth for amphibians (270 species), and seventh for flowering plants.

    Recent investigations suggest that some 40 million Indonesians are directly dependent on biological diversity for subsistence. Of these, 12 million people form indigenous (adat) communities who live in and around forests. Living in forest environments for centuries, these communities have developed the wisdom of sustainable exploitation of resources - recognizing the fact that their existence depended on continuous availability of food to collect and hunt. Helping to preserve their cultures and lifestyles is as important as, and related to the conservation of Indonesia's biodiversity.

    by wwf.
    Cheers, frizzy2008.

    Why Indonesia? (2)

    Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

    The Indonesian archipelago which consists of over 17,000 islands, is inhabited by two distinct types of fauna and flora of different origins. The west belongs mainly to the Indo-Malayan realm, while the east to the pacific and Australian realms. Although the country covers just 1,3 per cent of the Earth's land surface, it is home to some of the most spectacular and unusual wildlife - both plant and animal. Indonesia also owns a breathtaking level of biodiversity: ten per cent of the worlds flowering species, 12 per cent of the worlds mammal species, 16 per cent of all reptile and amphibian species, 17 per cent 2008of all bird species and more than 25 per cent of known fish species.

    A feature that makes Indonesian wildlife so interesting is the high degree of endemism. Many of the country's islands have been isolated for long periods of time, resulting in the evolution of new species different from those on other islands.

    by wwf.
    Cheers, frizzy2008.