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Options Trading

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Options Trading!

1. You can make more money – faster – in a bad economy
2. Good economies are still a cash-cow
3. There is no overhead
4. No employees
5. No boss breathing down your neck
6. You can do it from anywhere in the world...all you need is a laptop
7. You can get started on a shoestring

Complex or Simple?
Option trading isn't a fad or gimmicky business that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It is a proven investing technique that has been used for more than 70 years by the “super-wealthy” to exploit market swings for 100% to 500% gains in a matter of weeks. I'm talking about institutional investors, hedge fund managers, and private equity have all used options to make a fortune.

Despite a wide-spread belief that options are complicated, they are actually very simple. Sure there are those who believe in “efficient markets” and employ sophisticated “option pricing models” that are theoretically “fool-proof”.

But it was reliance on these “fail-safe” models that caused the collapse of Long Term Capital Management in 98' and once again damn near brought down the “house” as the sophists behind these pricing models divided up sub-prime mortgage paper and “miraculously” turned it into AAA paper.

The only thing we've learned through all of this, is that the “efficient market theory” isn't efficient at all, and eventually blows up in your face.
Markets are NOT efficient. How can they be when they are made up of a bunch of tightly-wound human “creatures” whose emotions of greed and fear often hit ten on the Richter scale?

When you understand that the market constantly gyrates back and forth between these two emotional extremes, using options to grow wealthy becomes a very simple and predictable process.
It may come as a shock, but greed & fear are patterned and repeat over and over in every every market.....and in every time frame, from a one-minute chart to a multi-year chart. I'll tell you all about it in just a moment. But first a word from the worlds richest man.

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