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Enterprise Network Security

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:


The effectiveness of enterprise network security in an organization becomes very clear after web-based attacks. Firewalls and antivirus software alone cannot protect a network against complex malicious code that threatens the IT infrastructure. Firewalls can detect web traffic, but most do not include a method to monitor the specific information in transfer. Most antivirus solutions are only effective against specific threats after they have occurred. These reactive solutions are insufficient because they do not protect against unknown future attacks.

Unfortunately, organizations cannot predict when or where the next threat will strike. The solution to this shortfall is to plan ahead to protect against new and emerging threats. Organizations need to enhance their existing security defenses with a solution that offers true content management. Security software complements firewalls and antivirus solutions by providing the most comprehensive enterprise network security solution. The three points of policy enforcement -- at the internet gateway, on the network, and on the desktop — create the multilayered, content-level protection required for the employee computing environment.

Web Security Gateway
Secure Web traffic while enabling the Web-based tools and applications.
Web 2.0 threat protection
Visibility and control with Web-based GUI
Real-time threat detection and site categorization
Enterprises with 500+ employees.

Web Security
Web security, reputation, and filtering protects against known and new Web threats.
Real-time protection against spyware, malicious mobile code, and other threats
Instantly actionable data with an intuitive dashboard
Web-based GUI reduces management costs
Enterprises up to 250,000+ users, with networks of virtually any configuration.

Web Filter
Improves productivity, reduces legal liability, and optimizes IT resources while allowing flexible Internet use policies.
Control Internet access
Prevent inappropriate content from entering the network
Limit bandwidth-intensive sites and applications
Enterprises from 50 to 250,000+ users, with networks of virtually any configuration.

Cheers, frizzy.