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China Company's Mission

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Corporate philosophy
The aim of our corporation is to constantly develop and create a highly efficient and productive organization that operates under any circumstances with the ultimate purpose to achieve a durable organizational that can adapt to any environment.

This is measured by the external objectives of firstly, profit; secondly an expanding market share; thirdly information gathering and finally the enhancement of our corporate image.These are based on our belief that: information is a resource, time is money, management is profit, and people are assets. Thus we treat information as the resource, time as the money, management as the profit and talent as the capital.

Our Operational philosophy
☆ The user is our first priority founded on mutual trust
☆ communication
☆ cooperation
☆ a quality of life
☆ Timely delivery is the our strong point
☆ change is an opportunity
☆ price is prosperity

   Our Action philosophy
   ☆ Thought guides action
   ☆ action changes habit
   ☆ habit builds character
   ☆ character changes life

Our Environmental philosophy
☆ Adhere to the natural laws
☆ save energy and lower
☆ and address pollution
☆ Sorting out and rectification

Our Quality principle
☆ Advanced technology, produce top products, perfect service and satisfied the customer.Technology advancement, quality products, service perfection and customer satisfaction.
☆ Full participation, process control, continuous improvement, quality assurance

Our Quality objective
☆ 100% product inspection rate
☆ 98% qualified rate of outgoing inspection
☆ 100% handling rate of the user’s complaints
☆ over 98% of the user’s satisfaction rate

by Changzhou
Cheers, frizzy2008.