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Charter Aircraft Average Pricing

Fahmi Rizwansyah says:

Mungkin ada yang butuh pelayanan charter pesawat, ini ada artikel buat overview.

Charter Aircraft Average Pricing

King Air
Turbo Prop
Rate: $1200/hr
Block Speed: 230 Kts.
No. Of Passengers: up to 9
Range: 500 - 1000 sm
Lavatory: Yes
Hot/Cold Catering: Both

All the comfort of an Executive Jet at half the cost, a great airplane for medium trips spacious cabin. Has the same short field runway capability as the piston twins.

Light Jet
Rate: $1,850/hr
Block Speed: 330 Kts.
No. Of Passengers: 4-6
Range: 1500 sm
Lavatory: Yes
Hot/Cold Catering: Both

Luxurious, economic, the light jet category is perfect for one-day business meetings. If efficiency is important, this is the perfect aircraft and it includes all the amenities.

Medium Jet
Rate: $2,650/hr
Block Speed: 360 Kts.
No. Of Passengers: 6-8
Range: 2,500 sm
Lavatory: Yes
Hot/Cold Catering: Both

Our medium jet category enables you to take your marketing team or your family on long trips. Increase your productivity or even hold a meeting on board Time is Money.

Heavy Jet
Rate: $4,900/hr
Block Speed: 400 Kts.
No. Of Passengers: 12 to 15
Range: 4000 to 4900sm
Lavatory: Yes
Hot/Cold Catering: Both

The perfect airplane for coast-to-coast or global trips, New York to LA or New York to Europe Once you fly on One of these Jets you will never fly on the airlines again. Large spacious cabin ideal for setting up a mobile office, Along with the convenience of a personal flight attendant, you also will have access to on-board Flight Phone, Sat Phone, DVD, Internet and teleconferencing capabilities.

* The Above Hourly prices will vary up and down depending on the 135 operator, aircraft model and aircraft age including current fuel surcharges.

Cheers, frizzy2008.